Massproduced Article

2004 Suse Kipp discovered the visual energy of a mass-produced valueless and cheap article: table paper napkins. 'Thousands of pictures are surrounding us in our daily life worldwide without achieving much interest. Every picture touched our mouth - thrown away afterwards.'

The Square

The square sized images and the principle of series is a recurring limitation of the work to relate to the initiating material “paper napkin”. Every picture is reproduction and original at the same time. And every single panel is a hidden diptychon or tryptychon - possibly polyptychon. The limitation of the square contains independence. The borders of a square are open borders.


Gauzy pulp, watercolours and small “rubbish” items are used, which get in close contact with thin and light poplar wood panels. Building up several layers on one picture and abrading afterwards is possible. An open process by using water and fire may initiate unexpected developments of the work. The surfaces are similar to medieval panels (Tafelbilder) and
transitional stages of walls and pictures being under reconstruction. Since 2007 every painting is square sized, often in the original size of a table napkin.

Polyphony of genres

The Sisyphus painting series (1-3) deals with a “trojan horse” of human beings since thousands of years: the tragedy between possessive attacks and freedom:
Sisyphus1 carries the burdon, Sisyphus2 lets go.
In “Sisyphus2” Nicolas Wiese (composition), # B_UTOP (animation) shared the idea of the picture in each of their independent perception and genres. So the work turned into a polyphonic process and result:



1. The themes of the pictures sometimes are directly linked to motifs of a paper napkin like here:
04. – 06. 05. Exhibition Coldstore am Gleisdreieck   Have A Break   napkin sculpture with 3 pictures

2. There are as well many examples where the material structure of the surface turns into the basis for unusual views on independant themes like here:
11. 2009 Improvisation Series   Incident of a fragile river-queen

3. Also there are pictures which are transporting the paper napkin as a massproduced cheap article like here:
06. 2007   Entwürfe für eine Installation in Bahnhofshallen

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